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About Concept

The 3D NFT watch project BETMAN, which set off in 2022, achieved a outstanding result of being sold out in 6 minutes in the first wave. It continues to uphold the enthusiasm and concept of “creation”, and hopes to deliver a unique choice to the holder to experience things that is difficult to achieve in reality. In the process, human-to-human interaction also contributed to new ideas for watches. Therefore, this time BETMAN reinterprets the appearance of watches in the virtual world from the perspective of traveling between metaverses and reality, bringing in the elements of Crypto Punks and Doodles.

2022 . 03 . 08

The Watchmaker’s concept of the New World officially launches. Modified parts MINT

Components are divided into four types: strap, bezel, dial and hands

About Components

BETMAN is like a watchmaker in the NFT universe. In addition to creating watches, it also combines different cultural characteristics into modified components. In particular, Crypto Punks and Doodles are selected as tribute objects, not only to appreciate their original spirit, but also to inject new energy into watch culture from the perspective of creators. Since there are many difficulties to overcome in the real world to combine a watch with an emerging culture, it is common to buy multiple pieces of the same model. Therefore, BETMAN allows the holders to participate in this creation together. The team specially prepared a total of 108 parts of straps, bezels, dials and hands, 48 ​​models for GMT and 60 models for Submariner, a total of tens of thousands of possibilities. Waiting for players to explore.

About Modification

  1. There are 48 GMT models, 60 Submariner models, GMT parts can only be customized into GMT, Submariner parts can only be customized into Submariner.
  2. All parts are distributed in random numbers, and each blind box contains one part.
  3. The watch owner can freely choose which parts of the same model to be modified, and can only modify a single part or select two or three parts for modification, or even a complete set of modification.
  4. PRIME WATCH is a watch made by refitting four parts with the same serial number.
  5. PRIME WATCH will give the background of the exclusive theme.
  6. PRIME WATCH will give an exclusive label.
  7.  If it is a complete set of modified watches with different serial numbers, there will be no exclusive background and exclusive labels.
Prime Watch - BETMAN PUNK

punk #7940 - 1/95

punk #7804 - 1/95

punk #3100 - 1/95

punk #4156 - 5/95

punk #5217 - 6/95

punk #8857 - 7/95

punk #7252 - 8/95

punk #1422 - 11/95

punk #9052 - 12/95

punk #8348 - 13/95

punk #7920 - 14/95

punk #9560 - 16/95


Doodle #316 - 1/185

Doodle #2238 - 1/185

Doodle #7802 - 1/185

Doodle #272 - 1/185

Doodle #6617 - 1/185

Doodle #6070 - 5/185

Doodle #2758 - 9/185

Doodle #1307 - 10/185

Doodle #2015 - 12/185

Doodle #9181 - 13/185

Doodle #670 - 17/185

Doodle #4364 - 23/185

Doodle #4341 - 26/185

Doodle #1907 - 30/185

Doodle #6345 - 35/185

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