BETMAN is committed to pushing the world famous watches into the online world, and creating an exclusive international watch community, which not only show their own taste online, but also hope that in the future, through the release of different parts, collectors who pursue scarcity can modify their own watches. The watch makes ideas that are difficult to achieve in real life gradually completed in every collection.

In addition, the future plan will combine Metaverse technology to make collectors feel like they are shuttled between virtual and reality to experience collections, making it easy for community collectors to communicate and interact, so that the club will break the framework of national boundaries and reality, and hold various types in virtual and reality. Activities and competitions allow the exclusive watches of various collectors to be displayed on the world stage.

2022 . 03 . 08

The Watchmaker’s concept of the New World officially launches. Modified parts MINT

Forge Your Exclusive Watch

BETMAN believes that every watch has a unique value and significance for collectors, we hope that collectors not only enjoy the fun of collecting, but also can further experience modification and show their extraordinary taste. In the future, collectors who have basic watches can create unique watches through official sales or event prize parts. Each part has a corresponding model. We will maintain the scarcity of irreproducibility through programming. The unique identity of the parts makes the personal taste and scarcity of the watch completely return to the collectors.


The watch culture carries more than 800 years of history, and we want to extend this glory into the future. History, inheritance, art, craftsmanship, and innovation are the core concepts of our team. At the same time, we also convey these ideas to the community, so that friends from all over the world can establish connections in the community, attract more like-minded collectors to join us, and create more benefits for the community.

At the same time, we have also noticed that there are not many NFT communities in Asia. BETMAN wants to further promote the NFT ecology in Asia, and participate in cooperation and creation with other Asian NFT communities, and continue to break through and create new opportunities.


The Unique Artist


The Unique Engineer


The Unique Creator


The Unique 3D

The Roadmap


The Watchmaker met the Blacksmith named MOJI and his partners, to build a civilization and celebrate the event. Sweepstakes for sale (25 quotas)


The Watchmaker prepared 25 gifts for the CHOSEN. Airdrop parts for 25 winners (one person per part)


Watchmaker applies meta-travel onto the parts on the watches for the first time. Remarks: All GMT holders will receive a random airdrop, one GMT NFT / one part


BETMAN Civilization First Dynasty Party starts. (provision)


The Watchmaker extends the cultural inspiration of Yuan Travel. Remarks: All SUB holders will receive a random airdrop, one SUB NFT / one part


The Watchmaker's concept of the New World officially launches. Modified parts MINT


MOJI the Blacksmith will be moved by the watchmaker's enthusiasm for fabrication, and the two decide to concentrate on production together. (Priority forging certificate)


The Watchmaker and MOJI demand high quality standard as their motive, so as for the production capacity, there will be limitations.


How many NFTs are issued by TIMELESS WATCH CLUB?

Two models of GMT and SUBMARINER, a total of 500 watches are on sale.

How to get the whitelist and how to sell?

We will announce the whitelist method and the exact date of sale on Instagram, Twitter, Discord.

Will there be other watches in TIMELESS WATCH CLUB in the future?

TIMELESS WATCH CLUB belongs to the first series of BETMAN. We are also developing new models, and each watch is in a limited edition, and will no longer be sold after official sold out.


OPENSEA is the only platform for TIMELESS WATCH CLUB.

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